Building it to rent

We deliver tangible product, pricing, design and marketing recommendations to support you in building homes and environments that people are proud to live in.

Inspiring emotional attachment and retaining tenants for longer

We aim to deliver the evidence and inspiration to shape the development of desirable homes and thriving communities. To us, the build-to-rent sector (BTR) is as much about young families, downsizers and retirees, as it is about students and young professionals.

Whether it’s creating nationwide brand strategies and propositions, or the ideal BTR development, we answer your challenges by:

  • Examining the current experience journey

    Performance metrics on assets, competitors and neighbourhoods.

    Identifying pitfalls and opportunities across the rental process.

  • Identifying the target market

    Determining, across demographic and lifestyle groupings, the most promising customer clusters and their psychographic and behavioural tendencies.

  • Building a proposition

    Creating solutions and using trade-off scenario testing to:

    • Ascertain the ideal amenities, services and standard of living for target markets
    • Identify premiums for various amenity & service bundles
  • Establishing brand values

    Understanding the value of your BTR brand by assessing:

    • Awareness of current brands
    • What you should and should NOT stand for
    • Any rental premiums warranted for representing a set of values
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