Innovating ‘mature living’

Our task: Crafting a residential-focused ecosystem based on pioneering environmental and social values; all linked to tangible service benefits, advanced design standards and an array of enjoyable living experiences.

Thinking beyond buildings and hardscapes

The history of assisted care environments or downsizing options for active Boomers is not littered with success.

Our aim, in developing ‘Mature Living’ concepts, is to introduce new dimensions to a property market that struggles to offer inspiring solutions for citizens. This ranges from those who are ready to downsize but are many years away from having to contemplate a nursing home, right up to those who seek more assisted care and support.

  • Intelligence gathering

    • Specific market dynamics and ‘lessons learnt’
    • Intensive cohort and customer analyses to develop psychographic and behavioural insights (including users, those on the cusp of retiring, staff, and other stakeholders)
  • Developing a proposition

    • Curate the concepts and ‘pillars’ that create a holistic ecosystem of experiences
    • Explore multiple use, dual-key, co-living, home share or intergenerational opportunities
    • Innovative amenity and service options that foster healthy, active lifestyles as well as emotional connections
  • Trade-offs & Pricing Metrics

    • Scenario testing for which particular bundles of amenities and services are most desired
    • Price elasticity if given their ideal scenario bundle
    • Evidence-based design and marketing advice
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