Selecting or winning a bid

We support you in selecting the optimal development plan/partner OR help you to win against stiff bid competition, to deliver successful developments.

Enhancing the value and implementation of ‘placemaking excellence’

For the public and private sectors alike, navigating the bidding process requires stellar team efforts. Within this process, placemaking is a critical deliverable, typically accounting for 25% of a bid’s weighting.

We have a track record of successfully contributing to the bids process by enhancing both the standards and value of placemaking. How? Through establishing metrics and crafting tangible innovations that inspire developers and support the objectives of planning authorities.

  • Public Sector

    We ensure the optimisation of latent place values, for the benefit of citizens and the public purse.

    Three stages to maximise bid benefits

    Our ‘Placemaking Scorecard’ is a proprietary system that inspires bidders to strengthen their creative content, while allowing for a comparative and evidence-based assessment of bid proposals.

    • Develop an assessment framework across some 40+ metrics. Allocating measurable priorities and weightings to every aspect
    • Set creative and value-based benchmarks, via a proprietary process that presents the latest innovations, trends and concepts applicable to your place
    • Convert all outcomes into a comprehensive database and user-friendly dashboard to enable instant evaluations of submissions and score comparisons between bidders
  • Private Sector

    Based on deep local insights, we apply our innovation ethos to craft concepts to convince and enchant key stakeholders.

    Insights & Innovations win bids

    We merge robust analytics of local perceptions and priorities with ideation and our global understanding of ‘what good really looks like’ to develop an ecosystem of unique solutions.

    Our definition of ‘Placemaking’ covers six magnitudes:

    • Urban Design
    • Social Well-Being
    • Environmental Wellness
    • Economic opportunities
    • Symbols of Identity
    • Big Ideas
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