Boosting community engagement for planning authorities & real-estate developers

Translate stakeholder opinions, ideas, and responses into insights and metrics about what is wanted, desired, preferred or rejected.

Winning over ‘hearts and minds’

Historically, consulting citizens during real estate projects has a chequered record of success, and was usually driven by edict rather than a genuine desire to engage with communities. Now, society is increasingly demanding more collaborative engagement in the planning and development process. Some may see this as a threat; we consider it as a massive opportunity for delivering mutual added value.

Responding to this opportunity, we have created a new community engagement platform that measures as well as responds to complex questions, and inspires new thinking. Technically speaking, it is an interactive digital portal, that merges behavioural science skills, sophisticated tech capabilities, robust analytics, and deep industry know-how – we call it ChatLab®. Driven by a social media like engine, community stakeholders will:

  • Know

    • Find out the latest development information, construction plans and planning updates
  • Create, Suggest & Evaluate

    • Contribute ideas, as well as commenting on those by others
    • React to new development concepts as created by MindFolio and the project team
  • Debate & Vote

    • Discuss trending topics and ‘burning’ issues, answer micro-polls or more detailed quantitative surveys
  • Feedback to Foster Loyalties

    • See the impact and difference that community and stakeholder input has made
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