Transforming it with a Vision

Visioning is about developing imaginative and sustainable business propositions. It delivers the tangible blueprint for transforming environments through crafting Big Ideas and new experiences while being driven by commercial foresight.

An ecosystem-led approach

Visioning identifies new opportunities, creating an inspiring roadmap and persuasive narrative that unites project teams with a shared purpose. This provides team focus and embraces the more intangible success factors, such as enhancing the genius loci and your brand’s essence.

Our holistic development approach prevents silo solutions by ensuring that every significant design, component and feature of a project adds value to the common worth:

  • Initiating the vision

    We seek answers to searching questions about people, places and purpose. This involves:

    • Extensive research and insight extraction from big data and sources of intelligence
    • Engaging with key stakeholders
    • Proprietary analytics of consumer behaviour, including their motivations, choices, and priorities
  • Developing the concepts

    We assemble a diverse team of talents to ‘dig deep’, explore, and imagine whilst:

    • Integrating global standards and case studies to prompt new thinking
    • Tackling specific strategic, masterplan or design issues, to build an overarching ‘experience ecosystem’
    • Identifying and facilitating strategic partnerships and alliances to support the vision

    In short, we seek to join dots others haven’t seen before.

  • Delivering the results

    We manage interactive workshops with the project team that deliver:

    • Tangible solutions, concepts & recommendations grounded in analytical evidence
    • A well-crafted story outlining brand values and future ambitions

    After delivery, we continue to support the project team to safeguard and drive forward the vision leading up to, and beyond, the Technical Design stage.

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