Delivering deep customer insights into assets, competitors and communities

Only lazy minds would present data without distilling it into insights. But to deliver ‘deep insights’, robust enough to serve decision-makers, demands infusing recommendations with a profound knowledge of the customer / client universe.

So, while we juggle millions of data points and apply fancy methodologies, the most important insight question we must answer for you remains: So What?

Delivering actionable insights to drive critical success factors

Across real estate environments, we apply our tailored quantitative and qualitative analysis platforms to assess, track and project outcomes, e.g.:

Retail-led destinations: repeat visitation; loyalty dynamics; retail, food and leisure proposition affinities; willingness-to-pay barriers, etc.

Residential and office environments: tenant retention, attainable premiums and amenity/service mix, emotional place attachment, etc.

We translate all findings into tangible, customer centric insights and interactive dashboards that you can act upon. We map out critical issues to be addressed rapidly as well as strengths and differentiation opportunities that can be promoted. These can be used for existing assets and competitors, as much as identifying new market opportunities to exploit.

We apply proprietary as well as 'best-in-class' research methodologies, such as:

  • Choice Modelling

    Discovers latent customer decision making trade-offs and priorities. Creates the optimal price, product, service and experience bundle.

  • Co-Creation

    Tests multiple innovation agendas, where consumers ‘co-create’ with us their ‘ideal’ scenarios. This is combined with ‘before and after’ scenario-testing to see the impact on appeal, willingness to spend and many more metrics.

  • Place Attachment

    Measures, tracks and improves consumers’ sense of emotional connection to a place; connecting 20+ factors including belonging, pride and stewardship.

  • Community Audit

    Assesses community health, using over 20 ‘big data’ metrics supplemented with proprietary insights. Delivered via an interactive dashboard, tailored to a specific location, for efficient and effective market and/or competitor analytics.

  • Net Promoter Score™

    Used by Apple, LEGO and the like to measure consumer loyalty. We dig deeper into loyalty driving factors and recovery loops, to deliver operational ‘calls to action’ capable of turning less loyal customers into ‘Promoters’.

  • Score15®

    Evaluates the performance of 15 business, service and experience drivers that ‘make or break’ a destination. This delivers a managerial score card, with an overview of critical issues to resolve for a variety of business functions.

  • ChatLab®

    We have developed a dedicated, online community engagement platform to inspire as well as calibrate real-time stakeholder responses to complex questions as they arise at various stages of the development and / or planning process.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Determines the emotional tone behind qualitative data. This provides a detailed understanding of attitudes, opinions and emotions to produce more objective and quantifiable outputs.

  • Cluster Analyses

    Consumers are, of course, more than siloed demographic profiles: Our cluster analysis engine robustly determines behavioural, psychographic and affinity’ segments, providing granular insights and prompts for subtle differentiation strategies.

  • Brand Affinity Mapping

    Investigates the customer perceived worth of portfolio and competitor brands/values. Also provides leasing insights into the relative appeal of brands across consumer segments.

  • Social Network Analysis

    Not an analysis of Facebook et al, but a robust, detailed way of mapping consumer survey results to measure relationships between people, processes and other information.

  • In-depth Interviews

    Two step process:

    1. Carefully curated narratives and interview scripts to kick start meaningful dialogues about, strategic ‘pain points’ with specified stakeholders.

    2. Orchestrating, conducting, analysing and reporting insights and ‘So What? recommendations.

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