Masterplanning a new community

We formulate the vision and strategic blueprint for creating exceptional planned communities and blended-use districts that workers and visitors willingly travel further for, and residents will proudly call ‘home’.

Learning from the ‘status quo’ and championing the voices of future users

We interrogate the needs, wants and aspirations of both existing and future stakeholders to understand their latent priorities, and craft unique concepts. This encompasses everything from brand and master plan propositions, to amenity standards and service innovations.

Uniquely, we also use behavioural science to dig deep into what the industry does least well: building and fostering emotional connections within communities. This identifies the most effective levers for betterment and sustainable community building, from stewardship and pride to easy access to shops, schools and playing fields.

Covering this universe allows us to provide answers to the many questions that stretch a project team, and help developments stand out from the competition for years to come.

  • Examining the experience journey & target market

    Performance metrics on assets, competitor communities and neighbourhoods.

    Determining the most promising customer / stakeholder clusters and their psychographic and behavioural tendencies.

    Identifying pitfalls and opportunities across asset classes.

  • Crafting a proposition

    Creating innovative masterplan concepts, blended-use environments and Big Ideas.

    Stress-testing solutions and trade-off scenarios, e.g.:

    • Price points
    • Premiums (or discounts), e.g. for location, room size, etc.
    • Ideal design, amenity & service bundles
  • Optimising brand equity

    The best brand strategies evolve from merging key elements of the project’s business and differentiation policies.

    The outcome of our work will define and articulate a range of brand-building aspects, from Brand Purpose to Brand-centric Masterplanning.

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