Inventing Opportunities. Validating Possibilities.


Build-to-rent, apartments, houses, senior and student living

We help house builders to compete successfully through supplying the evidence and insights of what their potential customers will pay for their homes, what they may need, want and aspire to, today and tomorrow.

We replace uncertainties about the priorities and trade-offs of clients; we explore the scope for innovations as eagerly as we look into price elasticities and location premiums.

We measure the loyalties, feelings and perceptions about a locality across twenty-two attributes to identify the most effective levers for betterment and sustainable community-building.

We provide the answers to the many detailed questions that stretch the development team, e.g. which design option to choose; which unit lay-out and fit-out standard appeals best to which demographic, which new amenities and services will generate additional income or what might increase the appeal of new rental packages.

Our analytics will be the foundation for developing innovative concepts, be they amenities, services or master-plan components. Uniquely, we also invite customers to innovate: designing and co-creating their ideal home with us, while we calculate the financial upsides for providing it.

Based on hundreds of qualitative and quantitative customer behaviour insights, our findings are detailed, numerate and bespoke in every respect.

Our deliverables are used by industry leaders, such as Grainger plc, Lendlease, etc. to add layers of innovative market differentiation to their projects, perfectly augmenting their strong in-house expertise.

Build-to-rent, apartments, houses, senior and student living

We apply three competencies to help our clients succeed:


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