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  • Wembley, London, UK


    Consumer analytics and insights into motivations, amenities and pricing when selecting a new home and day-out destination, for a new mixed-use location in Wembley.

  • Barking, London, UK


    Residential research, price modelling and benchmarking for a new community in Barking for the largest ‘rented property’ landlord in the UK.

  • Bristol, UK

    Retail & Leisure

    In-depth consumer analytics & insights to assist in the revitalisation of Cabot Circus, comprising a performance assessment as well as F&B and L&E recommendations.

  • Beirut, Lebanon

    Mixed-use; Residential

    Trade-off analytics and price modelling for a waterfront, premium mixed-use development of 2000+ upscale apartments.

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Retail & Leisure

    Multi-faceted consumer analytics to understand the role of malls in consumers’ lives, assess the existing proposition and test developed concepts with a specific focus on leisure environments and various department store brands and offerings.

  • San Antonio, Texas, USA

    Mixed-use; Residential

    Multi-layered consumer research and development analytics to guide a new town centre masterplan in the ‘challenging’ south-side of town.

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