Pricing it right

We deliver managerial pricing evidence to help you determine which bundles of goods, amenities, services, and/or brand values strike the right balance between customer appeal and extracting the optimal premium for your proposition.

Grounded in real life trade-off scenarios

Our price modelling approach combines crunchy analytics with Nobel prize winning behavioural economics. This moves way beyond simple ‘tick-box’ methodologies by using advanced software and analytical processes to get under the skin of consumers’ priorities, choices, and trade-offs, where they are subject to real-life situations and pressures.

From this, we deliver actionable insights that allow you to reach the sweet spot between price and proposition to your target customers. This process is completely adaptable to assess a range of price, product, service and amenity offerings that apply to you.

  • As such, our price modelling provides insights, from a consumer perspective, into a range of your strategic pricing challenges:

    • Testing pricing thresholds and ‘willingness to pay’ simulations
    • Pricing and bundling strategies to calculate and model optimal product / service / experience propositions
    • Measuring latent premiums or discounts, e.g. brand values, location, preconceptions
    • Quantifying levers to overcome pricing inertia and the reluctance to change
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‘Priced it right’
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