Pricing it right
with Yield·Lab

Value is a term often used, but seldom defined, and one which is often synonymised with price only. Yet, price is just one dimension of value. So, we provide deep intelligence for fine-tuning price, place & brand to deliver insights into the bundles of amenities, services and values that balance demand and price.

Blending consumer insights & Big Data to make the most of assets

Our unique Yield·Lab™ system brings together multiple sources of hyper-local intelligence to inform decision making. This includes live, relevant market data about a place (neighbourhood characteristics, provision and pricing, etc.) as well as advanced, proprietary customer choice modelling to evaluate the granular trade-offs and priorities of consumers. For example, Yield·Lab™ can tell us if people pay more for a certain view, or if storage lockers more valued than parking.

This allows us to take a holistic view on value and deliver actionable evidence that reaches the sweet spot between price and proposition to target customers. This system is completely adaptable to assess a range of scenarios to assist developers, marketers, operators & asset managers.

  • Yield·Lab™ outcomes embrace:

    • Price: Optimising earnings by identifying the most attractive packages & their price elasticity across multiple configurations
    • Place: Measuring the appeal and intricacies of a location to enhance sales and satisfaction
    • Brand: Aligning values, tone-of-voice and differentiators to tune a brand proposition that earns customer loyalty, maximises ROI, etc.
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