How to get ‘value for money’ working with consultants

August 2020

This is meant to be a helpful response about what we have learnt over the years. Rather than delving into much operational detail, let us highlight some basics…

Articulate your expectations

Define success in meaningful terms! You’d be surprised how rarely this is done.

Inspire and motivate them

Some people regard consultants as ‘guns for hire’ without much interest in the client’s business beyond the fee agreement. They do not consider the fact that an inspired, motivated and emotionally committed set of people, i.e. consultants, produce even better results. “They should produce good results anyway”, one could hear someone say. True, but that was not the question…

Don’t leave so much value behind

Some managers just wish to receive a report, pay the bill and move onto the next project. That’s OK, but when one considers that even the best written report could not possibly cover all the knowledge, insights and lessons learned during a project, it does seem sensible to spend a little extra time with the consultants after a report has been delivered.

We reckon that the client could lose some 20% of formal and informal knowledge if that’s not done. After all, decent consultants do have other experiences too and are usually quite good in seeing the clients business in a wider context.

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