A client of ours once told a reference-seeking prospect:

“If you want the same old, same old, I’d go somewhere else”

We are a diverse ‘portfolio of minds’, bringing together global brand stewards, digital tech chiefs, professors, marketers, urban designers, real estate professionals and behavioural scientists.

Introducing our Senior Team

  • Karl Kalcher

    Managing Director
  • Professor Brian Hanlon

    Director & Coleman Foundation Professor at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois
  • Dr Jamie Samson

    Head of Data Science & Insights
  • Yui Fan Law

    Head of Urban Design
  • Ana Regalado

    Manager, Concept Development & Marketing
  • James Griffin

    Manager, Projects & Business Development
  • Jemma Kaczmarska

    Executive Assistant

Advisory Board

  • Julian David

    CEO, techUK
  • Conny Kalcher

    Group Chief Customer Officer, Zurich Insurance Company
  • Professor Rohit Verma

    Dean of the Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina

One of those weird coincidences started it all…

“We have just won a million dollar contract for a high-end research project into US shopping malls, but we don’t know much about retail. We’d love you to help us. Could you?”.

Thus started a conversation during a lunch break at an Advisory Board meeting at the Economics Ministry in Vienna between a Chicago-based math science professor and our founder, Karl Kalcher.

At first, the answer was ‘no thanks’, reflecting Karl’s managerial irritation with long research reports that used many words to deliver far too little. But the epiphany came during a subsequent visit to Chicago, when confronted with the amazing insights that high-end research such as ‘Advanced Choice Analytics’ et al could provide for senior decision makers.  That did it. The research critic turned into a fan and it laid the foundations for MindFolio’s raison d’etre: Solutions based on Analytics, Insights and Visioning…

‘Billable hours’ really aren’t the only factor that drives us

  • Things that float our boat
  • Joining dots others don’t see
  • Hard fun
  • Valuing relationships
  • Mission-creep (a.k.a exceeding expectations)
  • Burrito & fried chicken Fridays
  • Keeping our finger on the pulse
  • Always telling our clients about
    the weather in Henley
  • Things that vex us
  • Missing a celebratory cake occasion
  • Sacrificing quality
  • Overpromising
  • Deadlines that would deliver shoddy work
  • Delivering data without insight
  • Complacency
  • Failing to win the Hendricks Gin at our annual Christmas competition

What our clients say about us...

  • "…thank you for your time today, and the tremendous amount of ‘hard fun’ that has clearly been invested. The results are great in that they challenge us to react, and to implement changes. Many of these we have maybe known about, but had not had a steer on how to do that/prioritise them"

    Director, Asset Management
  • "MindFolio truly embraced our brief to embed our team to work collaboratively every step of the way. The result is a hugely exciting vision that challenges, inspires and disrupts the market; but also a vision that deeply reflects our values and purpose as a business... They have exceeded our expectations in every single way, and we feel we have gained a 'partner' and critical friend for the long term."

    Innovation and Commercial Strategy Lead, John Lewis Partnership
  • "…By which I mean that MindFolio greatly exceeded our expectations - notably the more imaginative ways in which we could look at our scheme and in highlighting some big aspects that we were missing and thoughts as to how we could address them. A number of these were used as a key theme in the business planning and presentations to investors. Very helpful."

    Group Asset Director
  • "…many thanks for presenting a very exciting vision today. It is fair to say that it is amazing, groundbreaking, and importantly, deliverable, not fanciful…”. All-round response is excellent – not one dissenting voice and generally considered an excellent piece of work…"

    Head of Development
  • "…By the way, I read your updated Concept Refinement document last… it just keeps getting better! I love it. I think you have hit on a great story and the edutainment angle associated with this is wonderful. The concept you have created is truly world-class… so proud of it."

    Head of Development
  • "…we were absolutely thrilled with MindFolio's vision presentation yesterday. You have filled our minds with so many fabulous possibilities. Up until yesterday, xxxx was just a great piece of urban mixed-use planning, now it is a city district with vision, inspiration and most importantly – clarity about the architecture of its soul."

    Chief Operating Officer
  • "…thanks a million. The data and insights were very well received by the investor group and it gives us the solid foundations for positioning this new community."

    Project Owner
  • "…One of MindFolio’s strengths is the ability to be constructively challenging in this way. To get the maximum benefit, if you do instruct MindFolio, you will need to be both clear on your brief and just as critically open to some lateral thinking. If you want the “same old, same old” I’d go somewhere else."

    Head of Asset Management
  • "…just seen your work and it’s beyond my wildest dreams. Simply perfect. I am showing it to our president on Monday. Thank you – I believe we are going to create the best shopping experience in North America. Together!"

    Senior VP, Asset Management
  • "…I want to thank you for the great session we had this morning. It was an exciting opportunity for us to understand what is happening in your world. The choice of MindFolio is proving completely right. They forced everybody out of their comfort zone and engaged some ‘provocative thinking’. Well done to you guys."

    Chief Executive Officer
  • "…Everyone has talked very highly of the help that your place-making structure has provided in the process and we have had feedback from another London Borough that bidders were praising our procurement approach to them…"

    Project Director
  • "…thanks for yesterday so many great ideas – after a night’s sleep the two big ideas that have certainly stuck in my mind – brilliant."

    Development Director
  • "Thanks so much for presenting your research and insights on repurposing L&E in our most important retail asset. It was very rich in data, gave us a lot to think about and was hugely useful."

    Insights Manager

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