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Urban Innovations

City visions, urban concepts, experiential master-plans

We invent ambitious visions and urban development concepts for mixed-use sites, neighbourhoods, towns or countries.

Always inspired by analytics and research, our visionary solutions encompass Big Ideas, surprising experiences and a multitude of pragmatic ingredients for success:

  • Elevating place-making to a holistic set of experiences and perceptions of beauty, capable of stimulating senses and emotions
  • Propositions that further social well-being, local pride and citizenship
  • Innovations that promote healthy living, tug heartstrings, create a smile and boost one of the most precious human emotions: the feeling of belonging
  • New thinking about business models and commercial opportunities that strengthen the communal wealth and equity of the given location
  • Strategies for merging residential, retail, leisure, office, public components and the natural environment into thriving mixed-use destinations

A few examples to illustrate the scope of our deliverables: 

  • The vision and place-making inspiration for the re-development of Brent Cross – Cricklewood, London
  • Inventing the vision for turning the Danish town of Billund into the internationally recognized ‘Capital of Children’
  • Developing the retail, hospitality and entertainment attractions for a flagship mall in Riyadh
  • Crafting the experiential master-plan for Jumeirah Central, the new and most innovative city district in Dubai
  • Pioneering urban concepts to assist a town in Northern Europe to revive a huge but decaying commercial asset

No other assignment benefits as much from the unique combination of MindFolio’s in-house skills and its ability to assemble world-class talents to turn astounding dreams and ground-breaking innovations into reality.

City visions, urban concepts, experiential master-plans

In 2009 / 10, MindFolio and friends invented the visionary concept for developing the town of Billund, Denmark into the global Capital of Children. This vision inspired generous donors, investors and many other talented people to turn our concept into successful reality, adding a host of creative solutions along the way that have produced extraordinary results.

Working towards being the Capital of Children has changed the identity, the quality of life and urban development of the town forever. From the opening of a new International School in 2013, to becoming the permanent home of the Danish government’s Office for Children in 2015 and the opening of an amazing town centre attraction in 2017, the LEGO House, by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

We apply three competencies to help our clients succeed:


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