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New Communities

Master-planned communities, urban extensions, commercial clusters

We help developers of planned communities and urban districts to create value through delivering sophisticated buyer insights and a range of industry innovations, from amenities to place crafting.

We champion the voice of residents and key tenants during the development process. Their needs, wants and aspirations are the basis for crafting unique concepts, from brand and master-plan propositions to amenity standards and service innovations.

We provide the answers to the many questions that stretch the development team. This might involve evaluating pricing trade-offs or environmental design options, assessing different retail or restaurant clusters, identifying neighbourhood facilities that strengthen the community spirit or simply gauging the ’willingness to pay’ a premium for an innovative service.

We supply the proof to support essential elements for planning applications, covering a myriad of issues from the impact of schools to the mix of shops that would serve the new community best.

Uniquely, we use behavioural science to dig deep into what the industry does least well: building and fostering community emotions. We will be able to measure the loyalties, feelings and perceptions about a locality across twenty-two attributes to identify the most effective levers for betterment and sustainable community-building.

In addition to insights about the physical suitability of a space, clients will also get access to new metrics for reviewing a community’s emotional performance, e.g. how well it inspires residents to participate in stewardship, perceptions about the support for healthy living or the degree to which the community fosters a sense of belonging.

Using this spectrum of capabilities enables our clients, in locations as diverse as the UK, UAE or USA, to deliver new ideas based on robust metrics and emerging insights, helping them to stand out among their competitors for years to come.

Master-planned communities, urban extensions, commercial clusters

We apply three competencies to help our clients succeed:


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