Inventing Opportunities. Validating Possibilities.

How we do it

MindFolio links and leverages three distinct skill sets – Visioning, Place Craft and Analytics – to help our clients succeed. We serve our customers at every organisational level, from front-line to CEO, and across most functions of the business:

  • We innovate. We create. We make the imagined tangible. We invent what an environment can offer and how it can inspire its diverse customers; what it could look like, feel like and how it could tug heartstrings. We wrap all of it around brand values and a story and call it vision. Or we may describe it as a master-plan of unique concepts and customer experiences.
  • We bring systematic creativity to every aspect of place. Our ambition is to combine a host of elements that will foster and shape the wholesomeness of a given locality. We itemize aspirations and objectives to establish benchmarks and unbiased score cards that, for example, can assist Local Authorities in selecting the most enlightened bidder for major developments.
  • We research. We analyse. We measure. We develop recommendations based on robust numbers and through applying sophisticated behavioural science. The end-product delivers decisive managerial insights into the affinities, choices and trade-offs that clients and customers make.

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Achieving leadership through innovations and concepts that surprise, inspire and energise people, businesses and communities

Visioning is a creative innovation and strategy making process, based on exceptional knowledge of the industry, the global consumer and anything that shapes the zeitgeist anywhere.

The primary aim of visioning is to develop imaginative and sustainable business propositions for clients developing residences, new communities, destinations or to respond to the aspirations of leaders of a neighbourhood, city or country.

Every assignment demands a bespoke solution, but there are some common expectations we always seek to exceed:

  • Innovations for spaces and uses, jobs and homes, social well-being, amenities or services 
  • Developing urban concepts that add unique community as well as commercial advantages to a given location
  • Re-inventing what places look like, feel like and what it will take to foster loyalty and tug the heartstrings of its people

In short, our visioning is about crafting big dreams, new experiences and smart hopes and making them all tangible and deliverable.

We don’t need magic wands to pull surprises out of our hats; we excel in using ‘systematic creativity’ instead

Ideas and inspiration come out from the investment of time and effort. 99% of ‘Eureka’ moments result from unreasonably curious minds using their expertise and tenacity to crack difficult challenges; our proprietary ‘Systematic Creativity’ technique lends a helping hand in that process.

We developed some seventy ideation and thinking models that prompt us to interrogate the quintessence as well as the universe of a challenge. But applying creative thinking with a systematic perspective has another important benefit: it defines the frame work within which we can let ‘1000 fabulous flowers bloom’ without losing sight of the tangible goals we have to achieve for our clients to succeed in the real world.

After having presented visioning results for many years in staff- and boardrooms around the globe, we can affirm that this well-grounded visioning approach makes the difference between succeeding with original, robust and memorable solutions and limping along with the predictable rest.

Place Craft

About Place Craft

Sense of place is probably the most often used term to sketch a specific development aspiration for the built environment.  And yet, definitions of what precisely that means are as diverse and approximate as the number of people discussing it.

This hurts quality and betterment: what you can’t measure cannot be benchmarked. Worse, it provides no intelligent basis for striving to improve upon the past.

A solution was needed, so we set out to develop PLACE CRAFT, the management tool that guarantees to deliver more clarity, creativity and precision about place.

Our Solution

Curating the many interpretations of place into a managerial tool for everyday use, but also for pursuing the higher purpose of a great place:

Being Good: Service to others – improving health, education, community, quality of life

Being True: Furthering the knowledge about the land, its genius loci and stewardship

Being Beautiful: Excellence and creation of wonder, allure, pride and civility

Being Cultured: Artful place-making to involve and enthuse the many

Being Heroic: Courage to do what is right to change and improve

Place Craft deals with
three dimensions of place:

Place Making

- to invent better places

Place Making is mainly about the physical creation of sustainable places. Typically, Place Making is the tool for projects yet to be developed.

Our holistic and proprietary definition of Place Making consists of working with six interlinked imperatives:

  • To guide urban design and genius loci
  • To shape social well-being
  • To create wealth and opportunities
  • To leverage wellness and healthy living
  • To reinforce identity and values
  • Big ideas to capture the imagination and intrinsic strengths

Each of these imperatives consists of numerous aspects, prompts and metrics, which also form the blueprint for an internal or external balanced-score-card assessment.

Place Attachment

- to foster stronger bonds between people and place

Place Attachment deals with the emotions of place. It measures the loyalties, feelings and perceptions of stakeholders about a locality across twenty-two attributes to identify the most effective levers for betterment and sustainable community-building.

In addition to insights about the physical suitability of a space, clients will also get access to new metrics and impulses for optimizing a community’s emotional performance, e.g. how well it inspires residents to participate in stewardship, perceptions about the support for healthy living or the degree to which the community fosters a sense of belonging, to name but a few.

Rooted in solid academic study, our analytics and managerial insights are adaptable to, and can be benchmarked with, all types of places, be they residential, retail or mixed-use.

Mastering new development competencies in the real world is not easy, but just as BREEAM / LEED helped to create sustainable buildings, place attachment awareness and metrics will assist in creating and orchestrating places that people will love and resist leaving.

Place Value

- to leverage places smarter

Place Value has two strands: Economic Place Value and Synergistic Place Value

We identify economic place value, from a customer’s perspective, as part of our analytical and research competency. Read more about it under ANALYTICS.

Synergistic Place Value is about the sophisticated pursuit and capture of added value at the master-planning stage of a development.

The objective of this creative and analytical process is to ensure that every significant component, design feature and experiential aspect of a project adds value to the common worth. The value gained will come in various forms, e.g. richer customer experiences, smarter asset utilisation, additional footfall.  Our systematic approach seeks to join development dots others don’t look for, discovering dormant advantages and ideas which trigger solutions that hang together for developers and customers alike.

The fundamental philosophy behind our concept of Synergistic Place Value is nature’s ecosystem: symbiotic interaction between internal and external factors, where nothing succeeds unless individual elements are useful, contribute and serve an elevated purpose.


Validating possibilities. With scientific rigour and managerial insight

We replace ambiguities, hunches, guesses, assumptions or pre-conceived ideas about customers, tenants, locations, prices and brand affinities with facts.

Other research reports might only tell you what your customers say they would prefer in an ideal world. At MindFolio we will tell you, warts and all, what your customers will actually do and choose in the real world.

Innovative methodologies, customised programming, confidential on-line surveying

We design, program and quality-control all our research work in-house, on our secure servers. Surveys are compatible across device categories and can only be accessed on-line to remove any potential bias from an interviewer.

Our range of innovative methodologies allow us to drill down into the detail of customer behaviours, the opinions they hold, the real-life choices and trade-offs they make as well as the prices and premiums they may, or may not, be willing to pay.

Decision science and customer choice modelling

Customer Choice Modelling is not only the world’s most advanced pricing research tool, it is also capable of quantifying other value perceptions and trade-offs, be it for a location, a service, an experience or a bundle of all of them.

It does this by inviting respondents to choose between numbers of realistic, yet competing market scenarios. The choices reflect real life, so they are not easy and there is never an obvious right or wrong answer. By eventually choosing one scenario over another, respondents reveal, and we can calculate precisely, which factors drove their final decision. 

Our work is largely based on Prof Dan McFadden’s ground-breaking work exploring human behaviour and decision-making patterns. It led to him winning the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2000.

More quantitative analytics:

We integrate up to eight further quantitative analytical methodologies into our projects:

  • An interactive on-screen simulation tool that can be used to build the optimal bundle of consumer benefits and / or appeal
  • Tracking, analysing and evaluating the 15 business, service and experience drivers that make or break any retail, residential or mixed-use destination
  • A managerial scorecard, providing an overview of issues of importance and urgency regarding asset management, marketing, operations, leasing, etc.
  • Brand affinity mapping
  • Loyalty and customer satisfaction metrics
  • Extracting economic and marketing insights from the behaviour of different customer segments
  • Concept testing: Measuring the appeal and importance of a wide range of facilities and amenities, in order to create the ideal visitor / living environment
  • Measuring the emotional bond between place and people across 22 different attributes

Qualitative analytics:

MindFolio has developed an in-house innovation which combines leading edge know-how about social media interaction and ethnographic observations with advanced qualitative research practices to create a superior alternative to conventional focus group research.

This co-creation methodology allows us to capture real time responses to questions that arise at various stages of the development journey. It can be scaled for any project, and be applied confidentially or publicly, allowing us to:

  • Gain unique insights into citizens’ and customers’ thoughts and opinions, helping landlords, developers and business owners to understand community aspirations, challenges and issues
  • Translate stakeholder opinions, suggestions and research metrics into insights about what is wanted, desired, chosen or rejected
  • Use an iterative process to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’: The ability to gather real time feedback, and return to the field with newly informed questions, delving deeper into the important issues and emerging themes

Geek folder

Research fans have an insatiable desire for ever more facts about potential deliverables. This section is for you:


Expect to receive detailed metrics about:

  • Pricing and the propensity to pay for upgrades, e.g. parking or storage options
  • Consumers’ detailed purchase intent
  • Appeal of payment plans
  • Latent priorities for making the final purchasing decision
  • Location appeal and associated premiums or discounts
  • Proximity premiums for shops, schools, transport or playgrounds
  • Architectural design choices
  • Optimal apartment size(s) and lay-out(s), kitchen and bathroom fit-outs
  • Investment priorities for amenities and services, distinguishing between ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’
  • The effectiveness of a scheme’s marketing strategy
  • Place Attachment metrics
  • ‘Ideal Community’ desires, and the premiums willing to be paid for these
  • The developer’s brand value to a scheme

Retail & Leisure

Expect to receive detailed metrics about:

  • The competitive mapping of new brands, retail and restaurant concepts in specific destinations, from a customer perspective
  • Identifying, measuring and tracking the critical success factors that drive spend, footfall and the Net Promoter Score
  • Delivering data and insights to help managers re-design food environments, adjust serving practices and cuisine choices
  • Potential customer profiles / barriers to visiting
  • Potential positioning messages
  • Competitor analyses
  • The optimal tenant and brand mix
  • Leisure and entertainment offers with the widest (or most profitable) appeal
  • Detailed comparisons between customer expectations and their actual perception of reality across 15 business, service and experience drivers.

New Communities

Expect to receive detailed metrics about:

  • Designing and co-creating the ideal master-planned community on-line, with all potential home buyer segments and evaluating the premiums each of them are prepared to pay for such an ideal community.
  • Delivering the analytical evidence to school district authorities to change existing development plans and permit the re-location of a new school to our project.
  • Measuring the loyalty and place attachment of residents to their current (and competing) neighbourhood, and thus formulating the most effective competitive strategy for the new development.
  • Plus any other analytics highlighted in this folder

Urban Innovation

Expect to receive detailed metrics about:

  • The feasibility of new amenities and services such as schools, covering building design, lay-out, interior innovations, curriculum options, staffing levels and tuition fees.
  • Analysing the habits, wants and needs of residents and tourist for weekend and short holiday breaks and the associated appeal of a flagship urban retail, leisure and hospitality attraction.
  • Price modelling to determine the discounts for an unfavourable city location; and the associated trade-off and premium if this location adds a new university.
  • Plus any other analytics highlighted in this folder


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